conveyancingconveyancing and leasing

Parker Law offers a range of conveyancing and leasing services and
they include:

- The sale or purchase of any real estate;

- The transfer of property pursuant to Family Law Orders or Agreements;

- The sale or purchase of a business;

- Mortgages;

- Off-the plan purchases;

- Options;

- Leases.

If you are selling, you will need to have a draft contract prepared, to provide to prospective purchasers. The contract must include all prescribed documents and make all relevant disclosures about your property.  If you are buying, it is important to obtain advice before signing a contract or attending an auction. Purchasing a home or business may be one of the largest investments you make. You should consider obtaining proper advice to ensure your interests are protected, and obtain the relevant building, pest, survey and strata inspection reports, before committing yourself.

Sale and Purchase of Business
Any contract for the Sale of a Business should protect your interests and minimise your exposure.  If you are purchasing a business, the contract should contain appropriate vendor warranties, trade restraints, licenses and agreements. Quite often transfers of an existing lease of the business premises or equipment are required.  You may require advice on whether you are to be a sole trader, partnership or company and the implications and benefits of each type of structure.

Mortgages and Refinancing
If you are discharging your existing mortgage or refinancing a loan, Susan can assist you with liaising with your mortgagee and advising you on the required documentation.

Susan will advise on proposed commercial lease agreements, if you are a lessee, and prepare leases on behalf of Landlords. As leases are generally a major commercial commitment and vary widely, you need clear advice on the long-term obligations imposed by each lease.

If you would like to talk to Susan Parker about conveyancing and leasing, please email her on s.parker@parkerlaw.com.au or call 9283 1818.